GoDaddy and MySQL access

If you are a developer and you do some sort of backend work there is a chance one of your clients might ask you to install an application in GoDaddy servers.

So if you are trying to connect to a dabase within your application what GoDaddy recommends is to use as your hostname. Maybe this could have worked while back but that information is not true for all servers.

If you are having problems all you have to do is login to your GoDaddy control panel and look what server has GoDaddy assigned for you, at least that is how it worked out for me.

10 thoughts on “GoDaddy and MySQL access

  1. I’ve just created a database using godaddy, but when i try to use their openmanager I get the error ‘Cannot log in to the MySQL server’ . I’ve triple checked my credentials and the bit is okay, . unless their is some wait time to be done, i’m bamboozled.

  2. This is the first hit for “GoDaddy cannot log in to the MySQL server” in Google, so here’s the answer:

    GoDaddy is using old password hashing, so passwords longer than 14 characters are truncated to the first 14 characters. Use the first 14 characters of the password you entered and it will log in successfully.

  3. The “first 14 characters of the password” thing didn’t work out for me. I’ve even set the password to 7 characters long (the minimum allowed) and it still ‘Cannot log in to the MySQL server’.

  4. OMFG – what a fine pile of stuff! I was using a ‘secure’ 20 char password. Dropped the last 6 chars and was able to log in no problem.

    Thanks for the hit!


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