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Dealing with Apache, Dispacher, and AEM on Mac OS X

I am working with our team to have AEM (Adobe Enterprise Manager) and their Dispatcher (AEM caching and/or load balancing tool) running along with Apache running on our local installations. AEM is rather easy to “install” but here are some… Continue Reading →


Better introductions for websites and features with a step-by-step guide for your projects. Something that can be hard to code has been made so simple with this plugin.

SourceKitService Terminated

Software: XCode6-Beta2 Error Message: SourceKitService Terminated Editor functionality temporarily limited. Solution: Instead of using the editor to type the code that is causing the crash type the code on a different software, copy, and paste it to the right location…. Continue Reading →

Spaces on linkTrackVars

When you us the linkTrackVars make sure that when you provide multiple parameters they are only separated by a comma and that there is spaces between each of the elements. BAD: s.linkTrackVars=’prop1, prop2, events'; GOOD: s.linkTrackVars=’prop1,prop2,events'; For some odd reason… Continue Reading →

NPM errors and common cures

“npm ERR! error rolling back socket.io@0.9.16″ remove ~/.node-gyp and clean npm cache by npm cache clean, then try again. source

Writing useful change logs for your application

It takes a while for people to adapt to change and many resist to change due to the adaptation and complexity in integrating these changes may bring to our workflow, ClojureWerkz team posted three questions you should ask when writing… Continue Reading →

Terminal Helpful Hints

Repeat last command !! Double bang!! And your last command is executed alias=”” Set a “shortcut” to most common commands. photo credit: kirainet

Github helpful hints

Save your password in the system’s Keychain: GitHub’s help also suggests that if you’re on Mac OS and used homebrew to install git, you can use the native Mac OS keystore with: git config –global credential.helper osxkeychain src: SO photo… Continue Reading →

Almost 3 Million users affected by the latest hack to Adobe.

Today Adobe released a bulletin stating that 2.9 million Adobe customer’s data has been stolen from their systems: Our investigation currently indicates that the attackers accessed Adobe customer IDs and encrypted passwords on our systems. We also believe the attackers removed… Continue Reading →

SXSW by the numbers

SXSW by the Numbers 1. Age Only 1% of SXSW attendees are under 21; 49% are between 21 and 34; 48% are between 35 and 54; and 4% are above 55 years old. 2. Gender Forty-one percent of SXSW attendees… Continue Reading →

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