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Improving Livingston Enterprises Part 1

May 23, 2018

I was invited to revise http://livingstonenterprises.net from development side and provide suggestions on how to improve the site.

The site is already in production so any modifications that had to be made should not impact the UI.

This site would go through 3 step process.

  • Get a WebPageTest report and compare to the final output
  • Get a LightHouse report and compare to the final output
  • Given that the site is rarely updated we can opt for utilizing a static site generator which could potentially improve performance

Get the current report from WebPageTest

Here is the first grab from WebPageTest

Current Site Reading

At first glance the site is not too bad but the LightHouse reading is giving us a very low score and it is where we can start digging in to details.

Current Site LightHouse