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I started creating an Adobe Air application with Adobe DreamWeaver and it works great, but I am so used to doing development with TextMate that I ended up using DreamWeaver just for previewing and compiling the application and TextMate for development. Fortunatelly for us Matthew Reed has created a Bundle to test and compile your Adobe Air Applications in just 3 steps:

– Download Source in Matthew Reed’s site
– Install Into Textmate
– Use it! Control + Return

Thanks for this bundle!

Source: Adobe Airâ„¢ TextMate Bundle

Note: He recommends to install (or have) the SDK inside “Applications/AdobeAir” and the bundle works as expected. But if you would like to change the location where the Bundle makes reference to you can do so by looking under:

Bundles>Bundle Editor>Show Bundle Editor

Tab to:

Air> Package Preview
Air> Package Self-signed

and you will find the following lines:

export PATH=$PATH:/Applications/AdobeAir/bin
export CLASSPATH=/Applications/AdobeAir/lib/adt.jar
adl “$TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY/application.xml”

Change /Applications/AdobeAir/ to the location of your SDK.

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2 thoughts on “Adobe Air Textmate Bundle

  1. seems down is there any other way to get it? I googled and tried on github but no luck.

  2. Yea same, here it seems as if any adobe air bundle for textmate all the sites are down? Does anyone have a download link?

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