Buggy Buttons converted to MovieClips in the Library

So I was running in to the following problem:

**Warning** The linkage identifier ‘RewindBtn’ was already assigned to the symbol ‘FLVPlayer_assets/Buttons/Rewind’, and cannot be assigned to the symbol ‘FLVPlayer_assets/Buttons/Rewind’, since linkage identifiers must be unique.

But in reallity I only had 1 button called Rewind with the Link ID of RewindBtn and nothing else. I even created a blank FLA and pasted the simbol by itself in the blank FLA but I still were getting the same warning.

Well after doing a search online and trinkering with flash I figured out that originally I had created the Symbol as button and then transformed the Button to a MovieClip within the Library but never changed the  Button to a MovieClip within the Properties panel in Flash.

Go figure! the warning has gone away.

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