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I was talking the other day with a friend about a small challenge, having 2 images on stage with 2 ideas. 1- have the experience being user driven (in this case the mouse reveals one image while hiding the other) 2- Use XML for easy update. So we fired flash and the above is the visual and the code below…

[as]var xmlLoader:XML = new XML();
var firstItem:String;
var secondItem:String;

xmlLoader.ignoreWhite = true;
xmlLoader.onLoad = function ( success )


var base = xmlLoader.firstChild;
firstItem = base.firstChild.firstChild.firstChild
secondItem = base.firstChild.firstChild.nextSibling.firstChild
firstItem = “images/” + firstItem.toString();
secondItem = “images/” + secondItem.toString();




onMouseMove = function()


mask1_mc._x = _root._xmouse;


function setImages()


var mcl1:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
mcl1.loadClip(firstItem, image1_mc);

var mcl2:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
mcl2.loadClip(secondItem, image2_mc);


mask1_mc._x = 212;[/as]

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2 thoughts on “Hide Old and Reveal New Script

  1. i’ve been searching 4 ever and i finally found this script im new to flash do u have a downloadable fla that i could to build on. id gladly share my results. i just need to something to start with. im trying to build an on line art website
    thank you

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