Kodak to drop 35 mm format in North America

Last Updated Wed, 14 Jan 2004 12:26:30

ROCHESTER, NY – The world’s biggest photography company is getting out of the reloadable 35 mm camera business in North America and Western Europe.

Eastman Kodak will also stop producing cameras that use Advanced Photo System film by the end of 2004. The company cites poor sales in that category.

APS cameras were introduced in 1996 and were seen as the biggest breakthrough in consumer photography since 35mm technology emerged in 1926. But it never lived up to expectations.

APS allows photographers to shoot a variety of picture sizes on the same roll of film.

Kodak’s decision to get out of the reloadable 35 mm camera business comes as sales of digital cameras in North America has surpassed sales of cameras that use film. But the company plans on expanding manufacturing in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, where the 35mm market is still growing rapidly.

CBC News

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