Password protected flash site Class

After seeing so many people requesting help with the easy Username and Password method for Flash I decided to write a small class.

Granted UserName and Password verification shouldn’t be taken slightly, but many times you just want to make a section of your site “Pass Protected with flash”, and in reality this is a very simple verification that should be used against the average joe, not the average geek-joe who knows about flash-deconstruction and such.

So have your Password-Protected flash site in 3 steps;

1. Download the class from here:

2. unzip the files in the directory where you are building your flash movie, so the file structure should look like this:

-root directory
3. on the root timeline of your flash movie write the following:

[as] import com.helmutgranda.PasswordProtect;
//(timeline, depth, x position, y position, username, password, gotoAndPlay what? # or label)
PasswordProtect.main(this, 10, 25, 25, “helmut”, “granda”, 5);


Please do not write telling me geek-joe was able to break into my site! because this is not a bullet proof password verification, this is just a quick way of keeping the average joe from looking into any “secure” section of your site. I might write a more robust version with some PHP/mySQL/flash combo but for now this will do.

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