TechZing: The Technology podcast that should be named TechTMI

Techzing is a podcast that I have been following for a several months. This podcast is hosted by by Justin Vincent & Jason Roberts, they provide enough content for you to digest twice a week. Usually Justin and Jason will interview people whom they find interesting in the middle of the week and on the weekend they chat about technology and everything else like sports, food or how to ruin relationships… at least examples of how to do it.

Why TechTMI?

First of all, because I hope my title will get this post into hacker news and second of all because I strongly believe that there are so much information that is being shared during the podcasts that it is a mistake for any developer aspiring to be an entrepreneur not to listen to. During the interviews the guests are not afraid to explain in great detail on how they come up with their business ideas, everything they have done to be able to implement them, some detail on how much they are making in their different businesses and some even share how much they are projecting to make as a goal.

Someone tell me that all that is not just Too Much Information! But best of all it is good information that you want to get a hold of and you can’t get anywhere else for free.

Why do I enjoy the show?

As a developer and a aspiring to become one day a true entrepreneur, it is great to be able to listen to Justin and Jason talk through their solving problem strategies and how they are overcoming some obstacles that come up on their business adventures.

Keep in mind that these guys are not all talk (althought Jason does a lot of talking :)), they have proven web and mobile applications to prove that you can make it work, aside from Justin working for mybebo and Jason doing full time contracting as well as having a family of his own.

What would you expect from this podcast

Expect to have a lot of fun listening to Jason and Justin contradict each other while at the same time you get to learn wealths of information. During the interviews you can’t stop listening to the guests who not only are kind enough to share they experiences but they are willing to explain in great detail what steps the took to get where they are.

Get ready to listen to Justin and Jason talk plenty as developers with other developers, one thing that I like when they interview their guests is that they ask the questions that developers want answer for rather than some one with a degree in marketing just trying to get another podcast out of the door.

During the weekend? everything goes and it is great to listen two developers chat about their week and how their projects are doing, from a twitter client (pluggio) to a never-to-be technology (appignite) that will help you develop applications fast and easy. But don’t hold your breath about this new technology because I don’t think it will ever happen and most likely it will be a failure (see what I did there Jason? :)).

Where do I find this amazing show

You can find this show on their website or you can also get the podcast directly from iTunes

If you are a developer and one day you want to be an entrepreneur, this is the show for you.

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2 thoughts on “TechZing: The Technology podcast that should be named TechTMI

  1. Helmut, I’m enjoying the blog. I had not heard of this
    podcast before and I’ll have to check it out here in the upcoming
    week. I get lost in podcast land, especially when I download 50 of
    them and I don’t know where to start, but Stuff You Should Know
    podcast is usually always great, and of course This American Life
    can be epic when it’s good. Thanks for the post.

    1. Hi Justin,

      This podcast is aimed mostly to developers and startups so it is great when you want to get technical and want to learn more about how other people went about building their own companies. Some times the podcasters go in a tangent talking about off-topics which makes things more interesting.

      I enjoy “this American Life” podcast as well and would you believe that some one actually created a similar podcast named “This Developer’s Life” which has gained a lot of interest.


      I have a 25 minute to 35 minute daily commute (each way) in addition to some exercise time so it is perfect to listen to podcasts during those times.

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