WordPress VS Drupal Intro

WordPress VS Drupal has been done, I know. Just by running a simple query in Google you will get a lot of information in the subject but for me it was still not quite what I was looking for. For one thing, I don’t know much about the people who made the reviews or their credentials and some reviews lacked the basic information I was looking for.

To start let me give you some of my professional information so that you know who I am and where my review is coming from.

12+ years in Web Development
WordPress user since 2003
Drupal noob since April 2009 (about 5 days at the time of this writing)

Programming Languages and Frameworks that I either use or I have experimented with: ASP, PHP, AS(1-3), Flex, Objective-J, JQuery, JQueryUI, CodeIgniter, Kohana (fork of CI), Zend Framework, AMFPHP, HTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS, and more…
Online packages that I have worked with: WordPress, b2b, MovableType, Habary, Mambo, Joomla, SugarCRM
I would also like to note that I have created my custom CMS for clients, couple have been done with pure PHP and some with the aid of a framework such as CI, or Kohana. Also I have been fortunate into creating CMS that would have Flash front end and PHP/Framework backend.
Writer: 0 experience, just my blog .

(Disclaimer: I am not here to defend the packages themselves)

Now with that aside, I want to take a minute and put WordPress VS Drupal in a small duel where I will register my findings and give some feedback in different aspects of both pieces of software such as installation, upgrading, templates, 3rd party elements integration and whatever else comes along.

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