YouTube Will Be Next To Kiss IE6 Support Goodbye

Accordingly to TechCrunch YouTube will stop surpport for IE6.

“Judging by this screenshot taken by an IE6 user who was watching some videos on YouTube, it appears the Google company will be phasing out support for the browser shortly. I don’t have Internet Explorer 6 installed on my computer, so I can’t verify this first hand, but illogical it seems not and a simple Twitter search shows multiple people confirming the news. Heck, some are even downright ecstatic over the news.”

For many developers it has been a nightmare to apply hacks to their code to make design fit IE6 standards and this move might help other big players help users upgrade their browsers and make the web a “better” place. With YouTube encouraging users to install other browsers such as Google Chrome or FireFox we can only hope that people understand that Internet Explorer is just a piece of software that that there are other alternatives for online browsing that give you a better experience.

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One thought on “YouTube Will Be Next To Kiss IE6 Support Goodbye

  1. Good! I hope IE6 dies a slow and painful death! 🙂

    All mayor sites (Amazon, eBay, Google, Digg) should ban IE6 users. upgrade to IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, anything but IE6!

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