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I am sure many of use give just a very small thought of how to use email properly to people. It can be from just replying to an email at our jobs or just by sending an informal email to any of our friends.

If you are like me who writes an average or 30 – 50 emails a day, you might have asked yourself How can I make my email communication better and how can I allow others to understand what I am trying to say with fewer words.

We can get all technical and cover all the aspects starting from saving bandwidth by structuring our emails better to also covering the benefits of CPU Processing, but that is just beyond the scope of simply writing an email better.

So yesterday in fact I was asking Felix Miata about what software he uses for email. He was kind enough to write extensive emails explaining the benefits of the email software he uses along with they way he writes email. Also he shared with me 2 very valuable links which I invite you to read so you can understand better the importance of writing emails in a better way.

Memo that covers the Netiquette Guidelines.
Netiquette Intel Corp. October 1995

Covering Bottom-Posting and Top-Posting from Wikipedia

I dont want to change the way you use your email, I am pretty sure that many of use have been using email for years and we use it many times a day, so changing the way we do and see things might be too difficult to adjust. I just want to encourage you to take a little while and read the links above and discover the benefits and maybe there are some things that you can use in your daily life that can make our Internet a better place.

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