Mike Chambers asks: Are you still using ActionScript 2? (or 1)?

Mike Chambers posted the question on his site: Are you still using ActionScript 2? (or 1)?

Many people have placed their 2 cents to answer and I wanted to take a stab at it:

Short Answer : AS1 = No, AS2 = Yes.

Long Answer: I haven’t touched AS1 for years now and I haven’t had a reason why or at least the company I am working for and my freelance clients haven’t requested it. In regards to AS2 I still use it continuously. I would say that AS2 is 20% of my work while the other 80% is AS3. The reason being is because there are clients that they still need to reach broad audiences and we need to compile movies compatible with older players. Granted a lot of people have upgraded their plug in but when your marketing package has to reach the most people possible then you have to do your best to provide the proper services.

Many times when we think of Flash/Actionscript development we think of Website or Application development but one big item that uses flash heavely is banner development, some banners are almost micro sites and the requirements for banner deployment are still very rudimentary. Most sites that serve banner ads still require Flash 6, 7 or 8. Some are taking the leap to Flash 9 but under test/beta environment so if you have a game/micro site that will be loaded into a banner you still have to write your code in AS2.

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