Setting up Drupal in Rackspace Centos 5.5 in 3 minutes or less

The boring part:

Log in to Rackspace and spin a new server with Centos 5.5 and most basic settings.

We will be doing this with root so this setup will be for testing only and no production.

The fun part:

$ yum install httpd php php-mysql mysql-server unzip nano php-xml php-gd

(NOTE: php-xml and php-gd are required by Drupal dom/gd respectively)
$ service httpd start
$ service mysqld start
$ msyql
> create database drupal
> quit()
$ cd /var/www/html
$ wget
$ unzip
$ mv drupal-7.2/* .
$ rm -rf drupal-7.2
$ mkdir files
$ chmod 777 files
$ cp default.settings.php settings.php

open the IP address on your browser and follow the installation instructions

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One thought on “Setting up Drupal in Rackspace Centos 5.5 in 3 minutes or less

  1. Nice write up. for the step on mkdir files I think you mean default/files as making a drupal/files dir wouldn’t be where you put your files by default, but I believe in 7.2 and now 7.10 currently the folder is already there for you, but you do have to still chmod it to 777 cause it’s 775 by default.

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