Use SVN with FDT

Quick way to set up a SVN Repositroy in FDT.


  1. Open the SVN Repository Exploring Perspective
  2. Add an new SVN Repository
  3. Return to the FDT Perspective
  4. Select the Project within the Flash Explorer that you wish to link to the new Repository
  5. Scroll down to Team and Select Share Project
  6. Choose SVN from the Share Project dialog box
  7. Choose the Repository from the supplied list
  8. Enter the project name you want, and Finish
  9. Tidy up those files with ? marks that you do not want committed, by adding to svn:ignore
  10. Commit the project
  11. You should see each folder with a little ‘database’ symbol, without any white stars which means that that everything is perfectly synchronized
  • The top of my project has a white star, usually a commit and update sorts this out, but not always! (A topic for a new Blog!)
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