Combo Box Fails to Load in Parent Movie

So I am here struggling for hours (at least it looked like it was hours!) trying to figure out why my combo box wasnt working.

The Basic scenario is that I created a CB in a child movie for later being loaded to a parent movie.

–>Child < -with Combo Box Well, when you load the Child movie into the Parent movie you expect it to work whitout a problem right?... WRONG! some kind of bug or problem or whatever for some reason the Combo Box wont work, why? who knows. Doing a light search I found out that in order for the Combo box to work on the Parent Movie you need to have a copy of the Combo Box component in the Parent movie even though you are not going to use it directly within the parent. That's a lie! you might think (or at least that is what I thought) but in reallity it works.. now this is my set up: -> Parent < -copy of Combo Box Component not being used --> Child < with Combo Box used Weird.. but it works, just in case someone is looking for the answer 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Combo Box Fails to Load in Parent Movie

  1. i followed the procedure. the combo box now shows in the parent but doesn’t allow me to choose items from the dropdown. do you have any solution to this?

  2. Amazing. I had a problem w/ the function: comboBox._focusrect=false, working in my child MC but then not working in my child after it was loaded into the parent. This was the only solution. Thanx

  3. You need to create combobox with Actionscript if you want to let work it properly…

  4. thanx for the solution it was quite fine although i didn’t think it would work !!

    it still seam not perfect to me: the drop down list’ size is a little bit shorter than it should be, can any one help??

  5. Hello,
    I have the same issue as crismer. Did the copy thing to the parent library but no selection showing up when clicked on,in the combo box. I did the libary font emebing thing too but it didn’t seem to work. Currently this project is in as2. Just out of curiosity does anyone know if this is fixed with as3?

    Thanks Sandy

  6. people it’s easy just
    in the movie that contains the main combobox
    and load it from external file it works
    tested 😉

  7. _lockroot=true; makes the combobox work but very buggy. When loaded in a child movie the scroll and arrows don´t work properly. Copying the combobox on the parent movie is the right solution. Sometimes I hate Flash. Don´t they check things before releasing them?. Cos´this is a major bug.

  8. Im having the same issue and I already found that putting ComboBox component in parent library makes it work. But unfortunately, I dont want to do it.

    The reason being, my Parent movie is supposed to be a very lightweight preloader (12kb). My child movie is somewhere around 300kb. I want the preloader to load quickly on webpage and then load the child movie. Putting ComboBox in parent library shoots its filesize to 69kb… which honestly voids the point of lightweight preloader.

    So my question is, is there any other way to get this working without having to put burden on Parent movie?

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