Flash ActionScript Inheritance

So I am trying to figure out the following piece of code:


in Application.as
import Log;
class Application
private var _log:Log; // force mtasc to compile Log.as

function Application(createdBy)
// Re-assigment of _root to Application instance
createdBy.__proto__ = this.__proto__;
createdBy.__constructor__ = Application;
this = createdBy;

public function setup()
TRACE("hello world");
public static function main(createdBy:MovieClip)
var app = new Application(createdBy);
}; // end of class


found here:


So far I have been recommended to read the following article:


The article well covers the subject of inheritance in Flash 5 and MX. My only concern is that as the article points out using inheritance in this way it will be only an overload to the application.
..to be continued

Combo Box Fails to Load in Parent Movie

So I am here struggling for hours (at least it looked like it was hours!) trying to figure out why my combo box wasnt working.

The Basic scenario is that I created a CB in a child movie for later being loaded to a parent movie.

–>Child < -with Combo Box Well, when you load the Child movie into the Parent movie you expect it to work whitout a problem right?... WRONG! some kind of bug or problem or whatever for some reason the Combo Box wont work, why? who knows. Doing a light search I found out that in order for the Combo box to work on the Parent Movie you need to have a copy of the Combo Box component in the Parent movie even though you are not going to use it directly within the parent. That's a lie! you might think (or at least that is what I thought) but in reallity it works.. now this is my set up: -> Parent < -copy of Combo Box Component not being used --> Child < with Combo Box used Weird.. but it works, just in case someone is looking for the answer 🙂

FlashMX AS2

I saw this link posted in FlashCoders.

For those of you who are interested in catching up with AS2 check out ECMAScript 4 Netscape Proposal.

If you read through the document, to my understanding you will get a very good grip of what AS2 is all about.

So, what are you waiting for? check out the link and start reading!!

Drag and Drop

//Drag Function
MovieClip.prototype.Press = function()

//Release Function
MovieClip.prototype.Release = function()
if(eval(this._droptarget) == landingArea)
this.enabled = false
counter = counter + 1;
if (counter == 4)
trace("You Got Them All!")

MovieClip.prototype.Actions = function()
this.onPress = Press;
this.onRelease = Release;


Create 4 MC give instance names or
mc_One, mc_Two, mc_Three, mc_Four
Crate one more and give instance name
of landingArea.
Place script on frame 1 and drag and drop

mc_One - Four
To landingArea. Once all of them have landed

the counter will Start
and the dragging functions will be disabled so the user
Cant move them. Hope this helps */

You can find a sample here

Drag and Drop Samplehttp://www.humanletter.com/tutorials/draganddrop.html

Action Script Test

on (release) {
if ((firstname != "") && (lastname != "")
&& (email != "")){;
loadVariables ("URL", "_root.form",