Keep Me Out – for a short period of time

KeepMeOut is a site with an interesting concept. Basically the site allows you to block yoursef from sites you specify for short periods of time. PROS: Gate keeper for short periods of time Time tracker CONS You have to create a bookmark for every site you want to “block” If you use multiple browsers you […]

Adobe Removing restrictions on use of the SWF and FLV/F4V format via the Open Screen Project.

The Open Screen Project is working to enable a consistent runtime environment – taking advantage of Adobe® Flash® Player and, in the future, Adobe AIRâ„¢ — that will remove barriers for developers and designers as they publish content and applications across desktops and consumer devices, including phones, mobile internet devices (MIDs), and set top boxes. […]

Video: Microsoft chairman offers Yahoo rationale – CNET

Bill Gates offers some insight on their rationale behind trying to acquire Yahoo… and everyone is talking about that. What i found more interesting is their approach to provide their software for free to students. Now that is a move that I believe it is going to help them greatly. If you are a student […]

Flash CS4 – What’s Next

New stage rendering core in Flash 10 * Live video playing in author time (meaning you don’t have to compile your movie to see how your video will be displayed) * New timeline, similar to After Effects (or Director as some people have pointed this out) * No more keyframes * Transfer objects between Tweens. […]

Adobe AIR contest for Developers

[kml_flashembed movie=”/labs/swf/iHold.swf” height=”150″ width=”450″ quality=”best” fvars=”fs=/imgs/adobe/adobeAir.jpg” /] For all Developers out there it is nice to hear that Adobe is running a contest where you could win as much as US$100,000 to be used for the travel of your choice among other goodies such as a Mac Pro 8Core 2x750GB storage, 2×27″ WS Monitors and […]

Forums for Screenweaver open to the public

Want to find out more information about Screenweaver? Forums Link

Screenweaver goes Open Source

From Ryko: After I had a little chat with Darron Schall a few days back, I’ve been working on bringing the Screenweaver 3 code base up to date: I’ve decided to release it open source. Under the same licence (GNU GPL) I will also release a new development effort called Screenweaver Core. Read more about […]

If you think you know all about CS2, think again.. CS3 Coming out

Photoshop CS2 Coming out… Adobe is exploring offering two versions of Photoshop CS3, a Standard version and a Premium version. According to one plan under consideration, some principle new features, such as Camera Raw 4, would be available to both versions, while other functionality, such as Vanishing Point 2, would be available with more advanced […]

Free Gmail Accounts

If you still in search of Gmail accounts but you cant get a hold of any just go ahead and log in to the following site: Gmail Invites and type your email address, you will soon receive your invitation and your free 2GB for your email account.

Adobe Buys Macromedia

2 of the major coorporations in the design world have joined forces. Personally I dont like the idea but there must be a good reason why this was done. Find out more: News from Times Online News From Adobe – Macromedia