Adobe Air Textmate Bundle

I started creating an Adobe Air application with Adobe DreamWeaver and it works great, but I am so used to doing development with TextMate that I ended up using DreamWeaver just for previewing and compiling the application and TextMate for development. Fortunatelly for us Matthew Reed has created a Bundle to test and compile your […]

Video: Microsoft chairman offers Yahoo rationale – CNET

Bill Gates offers some insight on their rationale behind trying to acquire Yahoo… and everyone is talking about that. What i found more interesting is their approach to provide their software for free to students. Now that is a move that I believe it is going to help them greatly. If you are a student […]

Flash CS4 – What’s Next

New stage rendering core in Flash 10 * Live video playing in author time (meaning you don’t have to compile your movie to see how your video will be displayed) * New timeline, similar to After Effects (or Director as some people have pointed this out) * No more keyframes * Transfer objects between Tweens. […]

WebkitErrorDomain error 203

This error is produced in Safari for MAC and you can’t view it unless you are looking at the Activity window AND you are trying to load the same file at the same time. For example note the following: [as] loadFile1(); loadFile1(); function loadFile1() { load(“file1.swf”) } [/as] I know this is too ovious to […]