LW artists needed to work on Quake 4

Raven is looking to hire:

2D/3D Texture and World Model Artist Position for Quake 4:

Raven is looking for a 2-D/3-D artist to concept, build, and
paint complex textures and world models for Quake 4.
We prefer an artist with experience working in the PC
gaming industry, with an understanding of creating textures
and world models, but with very strong drawing, concepting,
and painting skills. A more realistic artistic style is preferred.
An ability to create game art for different genres – such as
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror – is a definite plus, but a strong
background in drawing and painting sci-fi is a must for Quake 4.
The position will also require an understanding of 3-D hi-poly and
low-poly model building in Lightwave or Maya.

We will require a resume and samples of your texture and
world models on disc or on a viewable online site. Examples
of your modeling prowess is needed, too. Send all resumes
and samples to Kevin Long at klong@ravensoft. or mail them to:

Raven Software
c/o Kevin Long
Three Point Place – Suite One
Madison, WI 53719

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