DJ video game

Ever wanted to have a video game where you could rap? check this video out:

Trivia with Eastain

Cool questionare created with flash, if only all questionares created with flash were this fun! check it out here

OK fellas This is it

I found this Flash Commecial for Honda accord. I could not finish dowloading it but here it is maybe you guys have better luck than me. Honda Commercial but i try at work tho ;o)

War in Iraq

What the Bible Says About War. Listen to Dr. Adrian Rogers and he talks about war. Link

Another Blog

Im not sure where this kid is located at, I tried to look around to figure it out, but i didnt find any straight info. If you find it please lemme know. Another Blog Link

Special Blog

Some one passed this link along to me. Presonally i find it quite interesting, since it is written by a guy living in the area where all the war is taking place. Link to Blog

Some people just have too much time in their hands

Click on the link