From Kohana to ZendFramework in about 30 minutes

I am pleased to say that it took me only about 30 minutes to transfer a basic site writte on Kohana to the ZendFramework, both frameworks make it easy to switch between each other. For one thing you can use the ZendFramework Library in Kohana (although I haven’t done it myself people declare is rather […]

RobotLegs and Flash IDE CS4 Injection

“UPDATE: It has been discovered that Flash CS3/4 can be instructed to keep metadata after all: Simply select “Export SWC” in your publish settings. Doing so will keep all metadata in tact in your SWF!” – Thanks to shaun for this clarification. So you heard of the RobotLegs framework and downloade their demos so you […]

Optimizing SWF files with Flex Optimizer

I found a reference to optimizing SWC files with Flex Optimizer and I figured I would run some tests through SWF files and see what effects it had in it. To my surprise the Optimizer tool did optimize the SWF files but just by a few bytes: Test 1: …_concept1_v1_alt.swf (56569 bytes) …_concept1_v1_alt_optimized.swf (56456 bytes) […]