Next Music Director Open Source

NextMusicDirector is still in it’s infancy and would like to share the process and development of the project, as any other project it is just an idea and I am happy to share new findings, experiences, and how far I can take this project.

Code Hosting

The first question is ovious, where to host the code and there are multiple options, the three options that come to mind are

All three options have free tiers and similar setups, so with that in mind I have to go with the option that allows easy access to my target audience and currently my assumption is that my target audience lives and breaths in GitHub so that will be the option I am going to go with. It also has proven to work nicely with Vercel

Bugs and Progress

The next question is where to keep track of bugs and progress and for that we also have three great alternatives.

I didn’t have to look to far to figure out which platform to use. I have used Jira for many years from small teams to enterprise level and I know it is an amazing piece of software. Scrum masters are able to easily create custom reports and keep track of issues during stand ups (daily or whatever candence the team decides). We must not forget Product Owners who can quickly create new tasks and set their importance so that the team can decide when it is best to work on them. Most of all, one thing that I have always loved about Jira is the ease in which I can find tasks, I can rudementary remember a task and find it, specially if the team is good at adding good notes into the tickets. Gone are the days in which email threads would hold all the valuable information. There were times when we could find information from years past or even see a thrend when an existing bug re-appeard and figure out how to mitigate it for good.

With all that I have to go with GitHub, currently I am a team of one and I like how easy is to integreate GitHub tasks and convert them into issues to keep track of them. I am also interested into learning the software to better understad it.


Two great choices when it comes to deployments but for this, we will continue to use Vercel although Netlify is the first platform that gave me that ability to connect my GitHub repo and do auto deployments. So much to learn when it comes to deployments with these amazing platforms.˝

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