Next Music Director Open Source

NextMusicDirector is still in it’s infancy and would like to share the process and development of the project, as any other project it is just an idea and I am happy to share new findings, experiences, and how far I can take this project. Code Hosting The first question is ovious, where to host the […]

Next Music Director

NextMusicDirector came from the need of having a location where my daughter could practice playing the flute. As much as I was enjoying helping my daughter figure out what each note was I had the desire to automate this process for her and also maybe somewhere out there a kid would have the need to […]

How to Add Analytics to Your NextJS App

During the development of your app or landing page at one time or another you will have the desire know where your traffic is coming from. You have different options when it comes to analytics providers, however, we know that the leader for analytics is Google and that is what we will be implementing on […]

How I converted my site to NextJS

It is always challenging to decide what technology to use for your site; in the end, it is your “baby”, and as such, you want the best for it. I knew deep in me that I wanted to use React for this personal project, so I used Gatsby for the last version converting from WordPress.

Moving almost 20 years worth of WordPress content to Gatsby going Headless

I have for a long time toyed with the idea of moving my content to something like Gatsby. Although I tried to do so by exporting all the content to markdown, I wanted to continue using the capabilities that WordPress CMS offers, so with that in mind, this is the process of moving what is […]

Five users for the Spread Operator in JavaScript

5 Uses for the Spread Operator Copy array Concatenate arrays Pass arguments as arrays Copy Object Merge Object Find more details on the source link above, thanks to @laurie for putting this list together

Blank Target vulnerability

A developer that opens a new window or tab with target=‘_blank’ is exposing their users to a little known vulnerability which deals with a malicious code taking ownership of the new opened window. This can be easily solved by appending rel=“noopener noreferrer” to the anchor tags. With that said the URLs should look like this:

Firefox “find as you type” function

Firefox: There is no extension that will allow you to find content within the page as you type, this is already integrated within Firefox. You must activate the functionality in: Tools>Options>Advanced and check “Begin finding when you begin typing”

The truth about the moon… zoom all the way in

Flash Attack

When flash lightings attack: Click here