PDF Xtra for Macromedia Director V 7.0

INM’s PDF Xtra is an out-of-the-box solution that displays PDFs documents from Director with the true Adobe Acrobat/Reader look and feel.

  • Simplify content-heavy projects (e-learning projects, e-books, product presentations, reference tools).
  • Display and print stylized fonts, special characters, intricate layouts.
  • Repurpose existing documents from any source.
  • Light-weight download is ideal for Shockwave deployment (on Windows).
  • Supports PDFs containing Flash™, QuickTime®, and 3D.

Requires Adobe® Acrobat® or Reader at authoring and runtime.

createTextField and removeTextField

[as]createTextFieldOnce = function(){
trace(“—> Text Field Created”);
cMagnitude.text = “Hello World”;

deleteTextField = function(){
trace(“—-> Text Field Deleted”);

Loading a RSS feed into Flash

[as]// create a new XML object
var sports:XML = new XML();

// set the ignoreWhite property to true (default value is false)
sports.ignoreWhite = true;

// After loading is complete, trace the XML object
sports.onLoad = function(success) {

// load the XML into the sports object

After a long brake

As many of you know, for a while I was away from message boards. but I am back to help a few of the newbies out there. Also I am looking forward to update the Flash Bits section along with the PHP and DW bits.