PDF Xtra for Macromedia Director V 7.0

INM’s PDF Xtra is an out-of-the-box solution that displays PDFs documents from Director with the true Adobe Acrobat/Reader look and feel. Simplify content-heavy projects (e-learning projects, e-books, product presentations, reference tools). Display and print stylized fonts, special characters, intricate layouts. Repurpose existing documents from any source. Light-weight download is ideal for Shockwave deployment (on Windows). […]

Fastes way to detect if a radio button has been selected

There are times when you just need to pull the default value of a radio button selection, rather than creating and array and testing from it. The quick and dirty solution is to place a hidden field right before those items you want to send with default values if nothing is selected. [PHP][/PHP]

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createTextField and removeTextField

[as]createTextFieldOnce = function(){ trace(“—> Text Field Created”); _root.createTextField(“cMagnitude”,this.getNextHighestDepth(),0,0,100,30); cMagnitude.text = “Hello World”; }; deleteTextField = function(){ trace(“—-> Text Field Deleted”); _root.cMagnitude.removeTextField(); }; createTextFieldOnce(); setInterval(deleteTextField,1000);[/as]

Loading a RSS feed into Flash

[as]// create a new XML object var sports:XML = new XML(); // set the ignoreWhite property to true (default value is false) sports.ignoreWhite = true; // After loading is complete, trace the XML object sports.onLoad = function(success) { trace(sports); }; // load the XML into the sports object sports.load(“http://rss.news.yahoo.com/rss/sports”);[/as]

Removiing a Movie Clip on Stage with AS

[as]//A square with id = square //A simple button named mca that removes the attached MCs this.attachMovie(“square”, “square1”,1); this.attachMovie(“square”, “square2”,2); square2._x =100; mca.onRelease = function() { square1.removeMovieClip(); square2.removeMovieClip(); }[/as]

After a long brake

As many of you know, for a while I was away from message boards. but I am back to help a few of the newbies out there. Also I am looking forward to update the Flash Bits section along with the PHP and DW bits.