Good Day and books

I had a good day today at work, I still have tons to do at home.

Some how it just feels good to know that a day was productive.

Anyways, I found the other day a good book store on line, It is called BookPool I found that prices are cheaper than in

The search engine it is ok. Amazon has a better navigation sistem and localization of items. Also you can view more pictures in Amazon. But if you are into saving money BookPool is your choice

BookPool Link

Time is going fast

Time is going faster and faster in our lives,

Every second that passes by is one second less in our lives… how do we know we have made the right decitions?

How do we know we are heading the right direction?

Are we wasting our lives?

I just heard a speaker on the radio say something like

“maybe this is your last chance”

that is so true, none of us know for sure if we will be alive in the next 5 minutes. But what it is worse is knowing that, and no doing anything about it.

Hello People

Where have i been? well, i have been busy at work, lots of work.

I hope everyone enjoyed the NewsLetter of this month,

if you didnt get it, or would like to get the NewsLetters. email me subject: NewsLetter

Hey everyone

I got the pictures of Ariel Scanned, I wont be able to put them online, until tomorrow. Lots of work!!!

but i will keep you all updated.

I probably will send a Group Email to those who have requested it will the new changes on the site.