How long does it takes you to get ready for something?

Does getting ready to get things done get in the way of getting stuff done? Although this video emphasizes procrastination I would say that the person represented in the video was getting things done, but not the things that were supposed to get done.

Next time you start a new task ask yourself, Is this really going to help me accomplish my original goal?


TextMate: Tabbing through functions with macros

One of the features that I would like to have as a default for TextMate is the ability to navigate through functions with the keyboard rather than having move back and forth between the keyboard and mouse or scroll line by line with the down/up keys.

Since the feature is not available (or at least not that I know of) I created 2 simple macros that would allow you to jump to the Next or Previous function. Those macros are tied up to the keys as follows:

Next Function:

Previous Function

You can download the macros here

Please note that as default the key combinations noted above select all the text from the marker position. It is something that I rarely use so I was able to trade that in for the navigation ability.

How to make sure your banners play only for a certain period of time

It is almost a standard to allow banners to play for only 15 seconds after they have been loaded into the browser. If you are creating your animations on the timeline you can very well know how long the banner is by looking at the frames you are using for a specific banner. But if you are creating a banner through code there are 2 ways to ensure that your banners last 15 seconds from creation.

The long way to ensure that your banners last 15 seconds is by using the Date object, and the short and easy way is to use the getTimer global function.

[code=as]trace(“*****BANNER LENGTH IN SECONDS = ” + getTimer ( ) / 1000 ) ;[/code]

The code above will produce something similar to :

[code=as]*****BANNER LENGTH IN SECONDS = 15.00[/code]

TextMate current block folding

Having the ability to fold blocks of code in TextMate can be a great time saver. Specially if you are working on a rather large file and you are trying to concentrate only in one area of your code.

You can activate block folding by pressing F1 and this is how the content is going to look like:



One of my desires is to find out how to jump through blocks of code rather than using the arrow keys to navigate through them.