From Kohana to ZendFramework in about 30 minutes

I am pleased to say that it took me only about 30 minutes to transfer a basic site writte on Kohana to the ZendFramework, both frameworks make it easy to switch between each other. For one thing you can use the ZendFramework Library in Kohana (although I haven’t done it myself people declare is rather […]

Flash PHP mySQL – Write to a Database with Flash and PHP

[kml_flashembed movie=”/labs/swf/phpwritetodb.swf” height=”150″ width=”450″ /] I have written a small script that will assist you into using communication between Flash and PHP to write to a mySQL database. The task is simple, verify the contents of the fields in flash and then send the information to PHP who then writes the information into the database.

The TRUTH about PHP/mySQL security Part II

..continued from The TRUTH about PHP/mySQL security Part I So here we are on “The TRUTH about PHP/mySQL security Part deux”, So after reading lots of websites/blogs and reviewing nearly 100 OS PHP/mySQL scripts I have found that everyone has a similar structure Main Page |- imgs |-someimage.jpg |-someimage.jpg |- inc |- dbconnection.php |- extra_file.php […]

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The TRUTH about PHP/mySQL security Part I

So I finished a small application that I am using only on my computer to avoid any problems on the net in regards to security (name it hackers/crackers/enthusiast/whichever). Since there is no easy way to ask a question like What is the best way to create a secure applicationI decided to send the question out […]

Fastes way to detect if a radio button has been selected

There are times when you just need to pull the default value of a radio button selection, rather than creating and array and testing from it. The quick and dirty solution is to place a hidden field right before those items you want to send with default values if nothing is selected. [PHP][/PHP]

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PHP Test

Hi . You are years old.

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