Chmod codes explained

Codes below for quick reference: All seven permissions are listed below, with their numeric values on the left. 1. –x 2. -w- 3. -wx 4. r– 5. r-x 6. rw- 7. rwx Common combinations in use on web servers are as follows: 644 = rw-r–r– Usual permissions for reading an HTML web page or Read-only […]

Running Django in a Rackspace cloud

Problem Run Django in a Rackspace server and be able to restart the services if necesary. Solution It is rather easy to have a copy of Django running on the cloud if you follow the steps to the letter in the tutorial here. One of the problems that I personally encountered was to kill the […]

Adding serveral unversioned files to an existing repository

Problem You have already added a directory to SVN and you need to add several new files to SVN. As you may know the default way to add new files to an existing repository is by doing the following: $ svn add filename1.ext $ svn add filename2.ext or one line $ svn add filename1.ext filename2.ext […]