Nathan Derksen Photography

Beautiful Pictures from Derksen, just check this out:

A lone tree stands resilient against the elements.

Reflections on the bay.

Nice uh?

You can see more of pictures of his trip to Juan de Fuca trail. Also take a look around in his site in his photography section. Awesome stuff.

People like him spires me to save some more mula for my camera. Maybe this christmas. If any one has 1,500 USD laying around somewhere and would like to donate them to me to buy myself a camera. Do not hesitate into contact me! helmut at humanletterstudios dot com.

Link to Derksen Cape Scott Trip Report

Password Agent – Password Management

Are you tired of having to remember every password there is?

Are you tired of having to go over notes to find that password you know you wrote down somewhere?

Well, do not worry you can use Password Agent:

Password Agent is a password manager program that allows you to store all your passwords, secret notes and data snippets in a single, easy to navigate, and secure database. Too many passwords to remember? Pieces of paper that you once used to write down your important account information are lost? Want to find required password quickly? Password Agent keeps track all of your different passwords – no problems, no worries. And, it keeps strangers away from accessing your private information.

There are 2 versions. The Free Version for personal use and the Paid Registered Version.

The Free (“lite”) Version has only 1 limitation. You can only save 25 entries per file. In plain english that means that you can only save 25 Passwords per file. Not bad at all, you can organize your passwords per file and you have a very good Password Management tool.

Click here to download the file

Click here to buy the unlimited version

Click here to visit the website

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Enterntainment is looking for a Web Designer.

If you love to play games and Web Design you are ready for a treat!

Check this specs:

Web Designer

Blizzard Entertainment has an immediate opening for a Web Designer. The ideal candidate is well versed in HTML, JavaScript, and Photoshop and experienced in all manner of Web-design elements, such as the design and layout of buttons, links, menus, and text. The Web Designer’s primary duties will be to help design and implement the HTML pages for our growing Web site. A lot of focus will be spent on supporting existing and future Blizzard titles. The Web Designer will also be responsible for daily Web updates and maintenance of existing Blizzard sites. The ideal candidate will have a strong working knowledge of Blizzard games.

You can find a lot more about this here.

If any of you get to work there because you found this link. Do not hesitate into sending me an email.