Github helpful hints

Save your password in the system’s Keychain: GitHub’s help also suggests that if you’re on Mac OS and used homebrew to install git, you can use the native Mac OS keystore with: git config –global credential.helper osxkeychain src: SO photo credit: Nat W | cc

TextMate current block folding

Having the ability to fold blocks of code in TextMate can be a great time saver. Specially if you are working on a rather large file and you are trying to concentrate only in one area of your code. You can activate block folding by pressing F1 and this is how the content is going […]

ICal & GTD

Sometimes is difficult to integrate the GTD system into your everyday life tools, locally for us Jeffrey C. Long posted the setup he uses in Ical, as most of you know Ical is only available for MAC and there is no sight of being developed for PC. There are similar items like Mozillas Calendar that […]

Email me back…

I am sure many of use give just a very small thought of how to use email properly to people. It can be from just replying to an email at our jobs or just by sending an informal email to any of our friends. If you are like me who writes an average or 30 […]