Get The Glass

[kml_flashembed movie=”/labs/swf/iHold2.swf” height=”240″ width=”300″ quality=”best” fvars=”fs=/imgs/recognition/gettheglass.jpg&click=” /] Time to get the glass and play a game!

Force close and open disk tray Mac

In a new command line type – drutil tray eject – to eject the disk or open a stuck tray. Type – drutil tray close – to close it.

Flash Player 10 in Action

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”242″ width=”300″ /]

Convert milliseconds to seconds

( milliseconds / 1000 ) % 60

Drag and Drop items from browser

In Mac and with Firefox you can drag and drop images directly into the stage with Flash CS3. That is a time saver instead of having to download the file to your computer and then import to the stage.

Setmask fails with movieclip

f your setmask(mask) fails make sure the movieclip you are masking is not too long or the set masking will fail, even if you set cacheAsBitmap = true.