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Screenweaver goes Open Source

From Ryko: After I had a little chat with Darron Schall a few days back, I’ve been working on bringing the Screenweaver 3 code base up to date: I’ve decided to release it open source. Under the same licence (GNU GPL) I will also release a new development effort called Screenweaver Core. Read more about […]

If you think you know all about CS2, think again.. CS3 Coming out

Photoshop CS2 Coming out… Adobe is exploring offering two versions of Photoshop CS3, a Standard version and a Premium version. According to one plan under consideration, some principle new features, such as Camera Raw 4, would be available to both versions, while other functionality, such as Vanishing Point 2, would be available with more advanced […]

Firefox “find as you type” function

Firefox: There is no extension that will allow you to find content within the page as you type, this is already integrated within Firefox. You must activate the functionality in: Tools>Options>Advanced and check “Begin finding when you begin typing”

Free Gmail Accounts

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