Buggy Buttons converted to MovieClips in the Library

So I was running in to the following problem:

**Warning** The linkage identifier ‘RewindBtn’ was already assigned to the symbol ‘FLVPlayer_assets/Buttons/Rewind’, and cannot be assigned to the symbol ‘FLVPlayer_assets/Buttons/Rewind’, since linkage identifiers must be unique.

But in reallity I only had 1 button called Rewind with the Link ID of RewindBtn and nothing else. I even created a blank FLA and pasted the simbol by itself in the blank FLA but I still were getting the same warning.

Well after doing a search online and trinkering with flash I figured out that originally I had created the Symbol as button and then transformed the Button to a MovieClip within the Library but never changed the  Button to a MovieClip within the Properties panel in Flash.

Go figure! the warning has gone away.

Exporting from Illustrator to SWF “bug”

If you are exporting any artwork from Illustrator to SWF and when working in Flash and player 7(or less) you might get the following error “Enhanced stroke is not supported in this player”.

One way to fix this issue is by setting “Perserve Editability Where Possible” under the Method section.
Now this might not work with all the artwork where you want to be able to do heavy edits within flash but its worth a shoot.