Need an excuse for work or school?

Find the one you need from over 10,000 excuses Link to the excuses

Macromedia Moves into town

Some images from offices of Macromedia San Francisco, CA Macromedia Moves into Town Link

CMYK (for Those Who Do RGB)

Whether you just quit your job to pursue your dreams, or you’ve simply had a request from a long-time client, sooner or later you’re going to have to design a set of business cards or letterheads or something else that ultimately forces a trip tot he printing press.

ActionScript Hero Hacked

I just read in ASH’s website that his AS Defenitive List was hacked. I do not understand how some one would just harm a site that does nothing but help the community. I am glad to read that ASH is getting his AS Defenitive List Reloaded.

Google goes Video

Is it useful? Google now allows you to do searchs for video. Take a spin: