Open A Jump Menu in a new window

This is for Macromedia DreamWeaver, but it can be applied to any Jump Menu using the right JS function. [HTML] original: change to: [/HTML]

Google Site Maps

Will it be for better or for worse? What is Google Sitemaps? Who can use Google Sitemaps? How much does it cost? Why is Google doing this? find the answers to all these questions here

I dont know about you, but I need to get me one of these!

And you thought your images were secure uh?

Despite what anybody tells you – it it IMPOSSIBLE to stop people viewing your code or copying your pictures To save you looking any further – it can’t be done. But if you want to know the reasons why, and you want to try ‘something’ to make it just a little more difficult for people […]

Google Ahead of the game

If you havent heard of it, Google has a new feature called “Google Suggest”. Google can suggest a search term in real time as you type (in regards to what you are looking for of course). This is not your everyday searching engine but it is great to see how this company is always thinking […]