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23 thoughts on “Game Testers Wanted

  1. Im interested in testing out this game im curerently beta testing eve online and i wouldnt mine testing out more games.

  2. I would like to test out said game. I will take this job seriously and take notes on the game.

  3. I would love to test a game and am already on the Gamers Advisory Panel for Sony.

  4. I spend all my free time playing different types of game and I think I could be a useful analyst for a game.

  5. Hi im a real computer freak. I play games form the time i wake up to the time i go to bed. I am into all games. I am a total anime freak there is rarely a Anime or Game that i dont know about? I play N64, PS, PS2, PC (mostly), SNES, X box, dreamcast, game cube, game boy, GBA, I even had atari. Well im the one to chose, i can figure out secrets, cheats, I’ll spend hours to figue out how to do somthing. Well if you want a total game freak, im you man.

  6. I would love to become a tester for any game available. I am currently a graduate of CMSU w/ a bachelor in Boradcasting and Film and am currently working on two screenplays… however I still devoute an ample amount of time playing games. I own an alienware, ps2,gamecube,x-box as well as other post-dated console systems… I am extremly devouted and can atest that I hundred percented Windwaker in 48 hours of solid game play… just couldn’t help it. Plus I am an active member of the Medal of Honor Community (HYPERDIE) If you don’t own allied assault you dont know what your missing.

  7. Hey well i’ve been playing D-2 for a while on net now and i think its greate i m willing to test any games for u and i will play until u want me to i stay up very late and i up for the challenge.

  8. I’ve once tested games for PSM. It was the best, until I had to quit because I was moving and at that time they only had jobs to people in there area. so now I’m looking to put my skills to the test here

  9. Hi I’m gonna tell u first that im not a computer geek. I’m 12 I think I could be a pretty good game tester because i have some skills with certain types of games as in 1st person shooters. I also favor in RTS and RPG so if u have anything open please contact me (oh yeah this wasnt my idea but if you would contact me). As i said im not a computer geek so i dont exactly remeber what a url is.

  10. Hi, I’m 19 yrs old, living in New Jersey and I have been looking to become a game tester for quite some time already because I’m into all kinds of games and also I just love playing videogames I pretty much grew up on it.

  11. I’d very much enjoy testing out your game. I’m 19 years old and I’ve been playing games my whole life and I even used to design cars and worlds on a few games, so i have a pretty good idea on what i am doing.

  12. id be more than happy to test a game. or even make a lifetime in the gaming industry. i love video games. every kind. ill be 18 as of the 3rd of aug. 06. please let me know if ANYthing is available. =]].


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