The Punisher Competition

If you like movies and you are a Graphic Artist, this might be for you Click here to open the competition page

New way of singing under the rain…

Click the link

Hacking Firefox Browser 1.0

Oh Yeah!

Accessibility From The Ground Up

Great Article by Matt May You’ve seen it at all the design conferences. It’s showing up on contracts and RFPs. They’re asking for it on your résumé. This accessibility thing sure is catching on. And it’s ready for prime time. Click Here to read the article

Batman Returns Batmovil

Feliz Año Nuevo…

Feliz Año Nuevo to me! And more to come.. keep tuned 😉

2004 Tsunami Movie

NOAA created a video of how the TSUNAMI of 2004 was created. You must have a fast connection to download the movies: Click here to view the movies

Flash Old Skool

I just found this Gallery of Flash Examples… Remember the old times? some links are even dead now click link

Anyone has some time to design?

Design a Logo and get… Grand Prize Forget what your father told you Focker, there’s no place for second. The winning participant will receive the following. 1. A brand spanking new Apple iPod Shuffle 2. Jewelboxes — Kings 20 Pack. Great for distributing your portfolio. 3. A coveted Airbag t-shirt of your choosing 4. And […]

Life Game

Only the score at the end of the game matters Tony Evans The Alternative