Retweeting private Tweets

So now that you are part of the “VIP” crowd and you are one of those special friends that is allowed to see your friend’s private tweets, let me ask you. Is it acceptable for you to ReTweet something that is has been marked as private? After all it was private to start with but […]

YourPay some common errors and solutions

When working with YourPay service there some small issues you might run into and so I can remember in the future I am listing them here. Fraud issue If hit the server several times for testing you might be tempted to hit it with the same amount but remember that even though for you they […]

Getting UPS Rates with PHP fixing small issue

There is an great class in Google Code written in PHP that works as a wrapper to the UPS API, I started using it about a year ago and never had issues with it since I was using it with Flash/AMFPHP/PHP, but now that I am working with a new shopping cart where I need […]