Dynamic sliders numero 2

Title: Dynamic Sliders Numero 2 After working with the previous version of the sliders -se previous post-. I had the opportunity to “upgrade” the sliders since there was a slight chance that the sliders had to react to only one button rather than two as originally planned. Needless to say it wasn’t required to apply […]

Dynamic Sliders

So I was working on a project where we needed some sliders, it was basically the same slider but in different sizes and positions. So today I was sitting there just wondering how I could make this more dynamic, and just put a small class together and created a small sample. Updating the sliders the […]

Actionscript count and trace the number or arguments passed to a function

[as] var totalArgs = arguments.length; trace(“Number of Arguments passed = ” + totalArgs); for (var i:Number = 0; i < totalArgs; i++) { trace ("Argument "+i + ": " + arguments[i]); } [/as]

Actionscript Round and keep decimals function

[as]function formatDecimals2 (num, digits) { if (num < 0 ) { num = 0; } if (digits