Actionscript dispatch event fails and solution.

The Problem: A event too close to the instantiation of an object is not being fired, I believe the speed of the code execution is too fast for the listener to be able to register for the event. Lets take a look at the following class to understand the issue. [as]package application.views { import flash.display.Sprite; […]

SVN PROPFIND 405 Method Not Allowed

Problem I was getting the following error after trying to update a SVN repository. [php]PROPFIND of ‘/’: 405 Method Not Allowed[/php] And had no idea what it meant. I read on the internet that could be from trying to checkout a file that is none existent. The interesting thing is that I was just doing […]

Learning PureMVC from HydraMVC

Intro This post is not specifically on how to learn everything about PureMVC with HydraMVC but mainly points out their notification workflow document that they have on their site and some other statements they make on their site. Keep in mind that HydraMVC is a complete rewrite from PureMVC, made specifically for the Flex framework. […]

Send multiple parameters to event handlers

At one point or another during the time you write applications with ActionScript 3 you will have to send parameters from to an event handler. By default you can’t send information unless you use the DataEvent, but that only allows you to send a string. That is OK if that is all you need to […]