Delete enhanced fill problem

Thats it! I am tired of getting the “Enhanced fill not supported in current player version” problem when I import fills from AI/FH/FW and you need to export to V7 or under, so once and for all I am putting a stop to it. Here are 3 simple steps to get rid of this problem […]

Exporting from Illustrator to SWF “bug”

If you are exporting any artwork from Illustrator to SWF and when working in Flash and player 7(or less) you might get the following error “Enhanced stroke is not supported in this player”. One way to fix this issue is by setting “Perserve Editability Where Possible” under the Method section. Now this might not work […]

After a long brake

As many of you know, for a while I was away from message boards. but I am back to help a few of the newbies out there. Also I am looking forward to update the Flash Bits section along with the PHP and DW bits.

Create Text Field FlashMX 106 (lets have fun!)

[as] hDistance = 20; vDistance = 0; buttonsInfo = new Array(“About Us”, “Contact Us”, “Gallery One”, “Gallery Two”, “Gallery Three”, “Visual”, “Guest”, “Clients”, “Account”, “Search”); textDesign = new TextFormat(); textDesign.font = “Arial”; textDesign.size = 15; textDesign.bullet = false; textDesign.underline = true; textDesign.url = “”; for (i =0;i<10;i++){ this.createTextField(“textHolder”+i, i, 120+(i*vDistance),120+(i*hDistance),100,19); this[“textHolder”+i].text = buttonsInfo[i]; this[“textHolder”+i].border = […]

Create Text Fields FlashMX 105 (with Borders)

hDistance = 20 vDistance = 0 buttonsInfo = new Array(“About Us”, “Contact Us”, “Gallery One”, “Gallery Two”, “Gallery Three”, “Visual”, “Guest”, “Clients”, “Account”, “Search” ) for (i =0;i

Creating a Text Field FlashMX 103

hDistance = 20 vDistance = 0 for (i =0;i

Create A Text Field FlashMX 102

for (i =0;i

TextFields 101 FlashMX

this.createTextField(“textHolder”, 1, 120,120,100,19); this.textHolder.text = “hello Helmut”;

Push an Array Flash MX

Me = new Array(“Helmut”); FullName = Me.push(“Granda”); trace(“FullName: ” + Me[0] + ” ” + Me[1]);

Multy Dimensional Arrays 101 Flash MX

Name = new Array () Name.First = new Array (“Helmut”,”Flash”); Name.Last = new Array (“Granda”,”MX”); trace (“FIrst Name: ” +Name.First[0]); trace (“Last Name: ” + Name.Last[0]); trace(“Full Name: ” + Name.First[0] + ” ” + Name.Last[0]); trace (“FIrst Name: ” +Name.First[1]); trace (“Last Name: ” + Name.Last[1]); trace(“Full Name: ” + Name.First[1] + ” ” […]