Delete enhanced fill problem

Thats it! I am tired of getting the “Enhanced fill not supported in current player version” problem when I import fills from AI/FH/FW and you need to export to V7 or under, so once and for all I am putting a stop to it. Here are 3 simple steps to get rid of this problem […]

Trace selected text with TextMate

That is right, thanks to the guys from TextMate and their help I was able to get a small Macro that will trace the selected word in Flash. What I mean is this: 1. Select a word 2. Run the Macro 3. the word you selected will appear in the next line as follows: trace(“the […]

Complex Array combo

I haven’t tested this kind of array usage against the processor so I am not sure how intensive it is but it definitely helps in case you want to keep your arrays very descriptive and you don’t want to do a search on the array every-time you need a certain node. So the regular way […]

Password protected flash site Class

After seeing so many people requesting help with the easy Username and Password method for Flash I decided to write a small class. Granted UserName and Password verification shouldn’t be taken slightly, but many times you just want to make a section of your site “Pass Protected with flash”, and in reality this is a […]

Posting from Textmate

This is the main entry

Dealing with TextMate

So I have been doing a lot of ActionScript lately and I should say that is nice to have to use the Flash IDE only 10% of the time, and I am looking for ways to reduce that from 5% to 0% of the time, it is tricky since at work I have to use […]

My first take at ROR

I took for a spin ROR (Ruby on Rails) tonight since I had some free time, I started installing it along with a XAMPP installation that I already have running. At first they didn’t want to talk to each other but in the end they both end up working just fine. I would like to […]

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RubyOnRails Controllers

when creating a new controller the file name of the controller has to be the same as the controller itself and it can be either xxxxx_controller or just xxxxxx For example mytest_controller.rb – ok mytest.rb – ok mytest_co.rb – not ok also make sure you add ::BASE after the class name definition or you will […]

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