PureMVC Framework from The Flex Show podcast

These are notes that I took while listening to the podcast, by no means the information should be taken as final. Feel free to listen to the podcast and let me know if you notice any discrepancies from what it was said on the podcast and what was written here. Notes from PureMVC Framework – […]

Project 10th to the 100th from Google

Last fall Google launched project 10^100 where they requested ideas from the public to make them reality… well not all of them, after the ideas were submitted they selected the top 16 ideas they liked and now they are asking the public to select the final 5 ideas that they are going to help be […]

Some things I didn’t know about TextMate and ActionScript 3

I have been using TextMate for a couple years now and I am used to write almost everything by hand. Since AS3 I have been using the AS3 Bundle and mainly it has been to highlight my code and create new documents from the Templates. But I noticed that there are a couple features that […]