Flash Old Skool

I just found this Gallery of Flash Examples… Remember the old times? some links are even dead now click link


Foobar2000 is an advanced audio player for the Windows platform. Some of the basic features include ReplayGain support, low memory footprint and native support for several popular audio formats. Download version 0.8

Create a Text Field FlashMX 104 (Add Array)

hDistance = 20 vDistance = 0 buttonsInfo = new Array(“About Us”, “Contact Us”, “Gallery One”, “Gallery Two”, “Gallery Three”, “Visual”, “Guest”, “Clients”, “Account”, “Search” ) for (i =0;i

Nathan Derksen Photography

Beautiful Pictures from Derksen, just check this out: A lone tree stands resilient against the elements. Reflections on the bay. Nice uh? You can see more of pictures of his trip to Juan de Fuca trail. Also take a look around in his site in his photography section. Awesome stuff. People like him spires me […]

IRC Clients

If you are looking for a new IRC client. If you follow the link you will find a list of LOTS of IRC clients: IRC clients for windows only: WINDOWS ONLY —————- DIFFERENT PLATFORMS .NET 1 Acorn/RiscOS 2 Amiga 5 Applet 8 Atari 2 clients BeOS 7 clients CGI 2 clients DOS 2 clients EPOC […]

Hello Again

Another Test



Its 1 AM

It is 1 am and it is raining like crazy, and lots of lightning. I better go now. till tomorrow ppl

Is War With Iraq Justified?

Read the comments from Dr. Woodrow Kroll about the war in Iraq. Part 1

List of US & Coalition/Casualties

I know this is one of the worse places to find about your loved ones, but with this war, we dont really know where all of them are. so here is the link to the list of coalition/casualties click here for a new window