Irak shows POW on tv

Even tho it is from a spanish TV. you can understand most of it, because it is has subtitles, so the english language is kept. Click here to view video

Thank you, President Bush by Paulo Coelho

Thank you, great leader George W. Bush. Thank you for showing everyone what a danger Saddam Hussein represents. Many of us might otherwise have forgotten that he used chemical weapons against his own people, against the Kurds and against the Iranians. Hussein is a bloodthirsty dictator and one of the clearest expressions of evil in […]

Just Once In A Life Time

Just once in your life time will be able to see this date:

Nigerian Scams, at least 15 people have been murdered as part of these scams

She’s a widow, he’s a high-ranking government official. They have fallen on hard times and urgently request your assistance to get a large sum of money out of Nigeria. They will reward you handsomely for your help. Chances are you’ve seen something like that in your e-mail box. Perhaps in a bored moment you’ve wondered […]