Another Blog

Im not sure where this kid is located at, I tried to look around to figure it out, but i didnt find any straight info. If you find it please lemme know. Another Blog Link

Special Blog

Some one passed this link along to me. Presonally i find it quite interesting, since it is written by a guy living in the area where all the war is taking place. Link to Blog

I havent been active

I havent been able to post. for some reason my website was not recognized at work, Now it is. But still there are being some changes here. so i wont be able to post as usual for a while. Still i will post as I find interesting things

Wuz Wuz Wuz

Whuz up!! just testing this program :o)

Some people just have too much time in their hands

Click on the link

Air Force Tests Bombs

Time is closer I guess

We are Moving Along

Finally after a while we are moving along. Christ the King Baptist Church that is. I designed that page a few years back, we are ready for a change ! yeah!. To start we switched from a free server to this server in No more pop-ups for that site. One time as my pastor’s […]

Like a 10 year old Kid again

I feel like a 10 year old again, after playing basketball last night, i fell and i had scars on my elbows, (ouch), reminded me of the old times when i was a kid and walked around proud of my scars. Just this time i was not toooooo proud, i was more like sored. hahahahahaha […]

Lots of Work

Lots of work and no brakes, All i got to say is that soon i will be able to make more changes here You just wait and see… couple of days I promisse!

Finally got my window fixed

All wekend i went around with a cracked window on the passanger side. Well, actually i stayed home, cuz i could see nothing from the side window. It was the biggest blind spot i have ever had. :o)