I havent found anything interesting today

busy busy day. but you still can go ahead and visit.. nah, in a second thought i better wait. hahaha, i will post something interesting later…

Teller Machines

could this be true? :o)

Gotta start being careful with those downloads

The Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America are sending a six-page brochure this week to Fortune 1000 corporations with suggested policies — including a sample memo to workers warning them against using company computers to download songs and movies. Continue story here….

Check out the new blog!

Im creating a new blog, this will be dedicated to flash 3,4,5,MX and + only. I wanted to do my flash posts here but I know it will be a mess since flash people are interested in flash only and the rest dont care about flash. Neways, the flashblog is located at: http://www.humanletter.com/flashblog

Ok, I feel a lot better now

It was a crazy day yesterday but i feel a lot better today. Well Come back i got some cool stuff to share today! bye for now…

Things are not going good right now

It has been long since I dont have one of this days AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

Just Once In A Life Time

Just once in your life time will be able to see this date:

Flash in Mexico

Im glad to see that more and more people from BIG companies are starting to find talent im Mexico. Companies like Macromedia and IBM. Other important people in this business as EGOMEDIA, ULTRASHOCK, and more. Flash For Mexico

Life just gets better and better

If anyone has cople of hundreds of thousands of dollars that you can share. Dont hesitate in giving me a call. !!!! :o)