Disable extra fields in CCK for Drupal

There are times when you want to allow the Super Admin to edit those extra fields but not the editors/contributors of your site so this is one way to do it: [PHP]< ?php /** * Change the node form */ function phptemplate_node_form($form) { // echo " “; dprint_r ($form); echo ”; // Hide ‘Log message’ […]

WordPress VS Drupal Creating Content

One (if not the most) important subject in any CMS is going to be creating content. You want to be able to allow you user to create content quickly and efficiently, while at the same time the developer wants control over how the content is going to be displayed in the front end. Creating content […]

WordPress Vs Drupal Installation

Download and installation for both was a breeze. Granted Drupal gave me a little bit more of problem since I had to create new directories and set the right permissions to the newly created directory and a settings file. On the other side I also had to create a file in WordPress directory. Here are […]

WordPress VS Drupal Intro

WordPress VS Drupal has been done, I know. Just by running a simple query in Google you will get a lot of information in the subject but for me it was still not quite what I was looking for. For one thing, I don’t know much about the people who made the reviews or their […]

When is it a good time to learn AS3?

I see this question pop once in a while in different places in the internet or similar questions such as… Should I start learning AS3 yet? Is it worth it to make the switch from AS2 to AS3? I have never used flash, should I start with AS3 or learn AS2 and then AS3? I […]

Google Site Maps

Will it be for better or for worse? What is Google Sitemaps? Who can use Google Sitemaps? How much does it cost? Why is Google doing this? find the answers to all these questions here

And you thought your images were secure uh?

Despite what anybody tells you – it it IMPOSSIBLE to stop people viewing your code or copying your pictures To save you looking any further – it can’t be done. But if you want to know the reasons why, and you want to try ‘something’ to make it just a little more difficult for people […]

CMYK (for Those Who Do RGB)

Whether you just quit your job to pursue your dreams, or you’ve simply had a request from a long-time client, sooner or later you’re going to have to design a set of business cards or letterheads or something else that ultimately forces a trip tot he printing press.