JQuery and dynamic elements

I have been working with JQuery on a couple of work and personal projects and I really like the library. One of my first challenges was to access elements dynamically and at the same time trigger custom events. This is specially necessary when working with elements where you don’t know the source of the data […]

Covert mov files to flv with ffmpeg

The shell script below will take files from the folder you are running it from and convert all “mov” files to “flv”. The script can be updated to use the same file name as flv name. Since this is not for production but only for testing the name for the flv that I am using […]

TextMate current block folding

Having the ability to fold blocks of code in TextMate can be a great time saver. Specially if you are working on a rather large file and you are trying to concentrate only in one area of your code. You can activate block folding by pressing F1 and this is how the content is going […]

Mike Chambers asks: Are you still using ActionScript 2? (or 1)?

Mike Chambers posted the question on his site: Are you still using ActionScript 2? (or 1)? Many people have placed their 2 cents to answer and I wanted to take a stab at it: Short Answer : AS1 = No, AS2 = Yes. Long Answer: I haven’t touched AS1 for years now and I haven’t […]

Papervision AS2 reflected bitmap

I have been working on a paper vision in AS2, as you know the AS2 version was dropped as soon as AS3 was out so many of the PPV2 features were never applied to the first version. Anyways, if you ever wanted to portrait a bitmap on one side reflected directly from the library, this […]

Silverlight creating ZIP files in MAC

If you are creating a Silverlight document in a MAC be aware that if you create a ZIP file from the Finder context menu “Create Archive of…” every time you try to access the files inside the ZIP file with Silverlight it will fail. Why? Not sure but I would assume something to do with […]

Silverlight error AG_E_RUNTIME_METHOD 2207

I am doing some testing with Silverlight (I know right!) and I kept getting error #2207 without really getting a detailed description. Well the issue -in MY case- was hat i was trying to download a file cross-domains, and with most plugins it was a no-no. So I just needed to change the source to […]

Adobe Air SQLError: ‘Error #3119: Database file is currently locked.’, details:’null’, operation:’execute’

For the longest time I was having issues with this Adobe Air Error and its description, the main issue is that the “details” for this error are “null”. We do get the description that the database is locked but no details on file name where the error occur or line number. If you do a […]

Adobe Air CreateDirectory common error

If you need to create a directory from Air and you dont know how, mostlikely you will use the Adobe Air Documentation and use something as the following: [js] var directory = air.File.documentsDirectory; directory = directory.resolvePath(“AIR Test”); air.File.createDirectory(directory); air.trace(directory.exists); // true [/js] it all looks nice and makes sense but in the real world it […]

WebkitErrorDomain error 203

This error is produced in Safari for MAC and you can’t view it unless you are looking at the Activity window AND you are trying to load the same file at the same time. For example note the following: [as] loadFile1(); loadFile1(); function loadFile1() { load(“file1.swf”) } [/as] I know this is too ovious to […]